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Do you have these troubles when choosing a paper products manufacturers?

Poor production process and high defect rate

The production process is poor, the management ability is weak, the carton defective rate is high, the printing is blurred, the printing is misplaced, the edge is broken, and so on. It takes a lot of time and labor cost to return to the factory.

Small factory scale and low production capacity

The scale of the factory is small, the equipment is not automated enough, the production capacity can't keep up, and the carton is in the peak season. It is preferred to make a large customer's order. Small customers can only wait.

Poor logistics conditions, affecting delivery

The factory does not have its own trucks and drivers or the logistics conditions are insufficient, which seriously affects the delivery period.

Weak design ability, repeated modification

The factory has no design ability, the product plan is designed repeatedly, and it is too late to determine a complete design plan, wasting the customer's time.

Service can't keep up, after-sales drag

Insufficient service ability, after-sales delay, can not send people to solve the after-sales problem in the first time, affecting customer experience.

Feiyao Other

High cost performance

The price advantage comes from having our own paperboard production line

Attention to detail fine workmanship not rough

Large-scale production
quality is stable!

Equipped with multiple production lines, modern factory, standardized production

There will never be a phenomenon in which the quality of batch products is uneven.
One-stop industrial paper solutions for customers

And meet the needs of different companies

Four advantages

Large scale production, stable quality, fast delivery

The quality inspector will strictly check the product's grade, specification, quantity, labeling, quality certification documents, and whether the packaging is damaged.

Strictly in accordance with the ISO production standards, each detail in the production process is equipped with professional testing equipment such as broken cardboard boxes to ensure that the parameters of the products meet the standards.

Products are widely used in various industries

Carton, cardboard, beer box, knife card provide you with one-stop shopping service, the product is in line with environmental testing, and can be recycled. Products for electronics, automotive, lighting, hardware, handbags, furniture, toys and other industries.

Long-term cooperation with well-known companies in all walks of life, and can be tailor-made, according to the requirements of different sizes of different sizes of cartons, production site quality control, to ensure delivery on time

A number of well-known domestic companies designated suppliers

The company is a designated supplier of many well-known enterprises in China. Some of the packaging cartons are also exported to Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and Europe. The product quality is excellent, and has won the trust of customers and friends.

Because the company's products are of good quality, fast delivery, good service and reasonable price, they have been deeply supported and praised by customers.

After-sales, one-to-one customer service

We have professional after-sales service personnel to form an integrated service system from pre-production, post-installation, after-sales service and maintenance outside the warranty period.

We guarantee the high quality of our products, save every penny and control the price of our products. We will adhere to the business philosophy of “all for the customer” at the beginning of the company's business, and provide you with preferential prices.

Frida Paper provides packaging materials solutions for you And provides you with carton packaging material production and sales services
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Shenzhen Feiyao Paper Co., Ltd. was established in May 1996 and is located in Zone E, the third industrial zone of Gonghe Village, Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen. It is a professional manufacturing company specializing in the production of packaging materials such as cardboard, coarse and small pits, cartons, cartons, etc.

The company has always been "winning the market with quality, winning customers with service, winning profits with scale" as the enterprise development tenet, closely tracking and keeping pace with the world's advanced science and technology; mastering market opportunities, achieving technological breakthroughs, maintaining quality leadership, creating industry peak.

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